I created Restless & Aware for men and women going through massive and uncomfortable changes in midlife. Your restlessness brought you here because you’re looking for greater awareness and skill to swing things around. To live a life that is inspired and on purpose. To get out of the pain zone and feel alive again. To fall in love with yourself, your life, and show up every day. For you.

That’s what I’ve done. I finally used the restlessness within to grow my awareness and get myself through some spiky stuff.

Dark Forests and Paths

What stuff?

For me, it’s been a break-up with a divorced man after five years of sparring a pre-set system. I questioned my worth, identity and creativity. I burnt out - distracting myself with overwork. Good old menopause at 42 - yup, I now have a new body. There was depression and a neat dose of low-level apathy resulting in existential, physical, professional and emotional stagnation. I entered my forest at the darkest part.

I got really tired of myself and started looking for ways to explore my forest. It worked. I used my skills to find new ways of being - my personal through. I learned that I didn't need to stay stuck there. That I now had a new reality and could lean on my inner resources to find the path.

Your Internal Toolkit

I’ve been a professional coach for over 10 years. Perhaps my training helped me to actively look for ways in which to grow my self-awareness and accurately sniff out what’s real. I realised, after much delving into emotional work, resilience and vulnerability research that I needed to learn new skills to befriend my interior.

That meant actively relating to my emotions and how I translate their messages. How I deal with the stories that I tell myself. A new awakening allowed an intimate wake-up to my inside. Not only with my head – as I’ve done probably for most of my life. This time, with a more accurate and whole heart and hands guided by true intel and not the stuff I made up.

What this meant to me is that I am now the head honcho in my life. If I were to face the same situations that brought me down, I would be a different ingredient in the mix leading to fulfilment and bliss. 

My Style

As coach I work from the inside out. I’m an artist. Highly empathic and sensitive. Generally someone who has to create, relate and share. I laugh easily and I'm in love with beauty and creativity.

I’m wholehearted and my share of mad, painful and massive life experiences have tumbled me into a gritty, feisty, sensitive, gentle and passionate inner explorer.

I coach fellow Midlifers privately and via online courses (anyone experiencing ‘curly’ life changes from around 30 – 55 years in age): divorce, betrayal, job loss, career crossroads, empty nesting, loneliness, menopause, uncomfortable physical changes (menopause is one thing, erectile dysfunction another), situational depression, identity crises, relationship strife, and addiction recovery – the types of change us Midlifers face.

My focus is on waking up personal awareness and nurturing the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills needed to make you resilient. I do this incisively and with supreme gentleness, respect and care. 

You can grow your inner resources and ignite the spirit of your life. You don’t have to stay stuck in the feedback loop of lost dreams, dead-beat work, frozen relationships, identity confusion and harrowing physical changes. Your inner wisdom and experience provide valuable fuel for meaningful growth. Your brain is wired for learning new ways to navigate the rest of your life.

What I see for you, fellow Edgy Midlifer: a new chapter in your life. A life kitted out with depth, meaning and genuine awareness. One where you will feel your personal power and skilfully wield your interior to navigate a perpetual sea of change.

With grace. With swag. With bounce.

Working with me will bring you crystal clear clarity on your situation and what you really want for your midlife. It will grow your awareness of what's causing the challenges that you face (they may not be what you think!). You will have a renewed sense of energy to turn your midlife into magic. And you'll have a clear action plan to enter a new phase of purpose, connection and fulfillment.

I know you will.

What Clients Say

“Corné helped me to get to know myself and what I need

to do to reach my goals. She helped me face and work through

uncomfortable insights in a non-threatening way.

I don’t confide in people that easily, but found that I could

trust her with my most difficult situations and inner conversations.

My coaching with her was one of the most rewarding

experiences of my life. I have learnt how to listen and reflect.

Corné has been a pillar of strength and guidance to me

and always pushed me to be honest with myself.

The passion she shows for coaching is inspirational. ”

- D. da Fonseca

“ Working with Corné has opened my mind to

avenues that I did not see before. I look back and realise that

I was aware of limited dimensions. I now feel multi-dimensional.

I also realised that I’m stronger than I thought I could be.

Corné taps into unchartered territory in one’s being.

By doing so, she assists you to find your core.

My personal experience could be summed up

as just that - the journey to my core. ”

- R. Isaacs


“ Corné is great at winning over your trust and building

on that relationship with every interaction.

She listens attentively and creates valuable

perspectives. She was always there when I

really needed someone to help me think.

I see her as an invaluable resource that I look

forward to continue using in the future.”

- J. Hechter

“ Corné helped me gain focus on issues and what I could do

to change them. She is good at raising alternative perspectives

and challenging one’s “truth”. I am now more confident in my

abilities as a leader and realise that my skills are marketable

outside of this company.

Corné helped me discover what I feel passionate about in my life

and bring more of that into my career. She showed me the

value of reflection.Time spent with her always brought

me clarity and boosted my confidence. I think of our

work together with a warm feeling in my heart.”

- J. Fourie