It’s a Sweet-Sour Affair

Sticky Midlife

Photograph by Daniel Nanescu

I laughed aloud when I read Susan Scott saying, “Life is Curly”.

Isn’t it just?

It’s a sweet way to describe what you’re going through.

There, in the middle of your life, you’re staring down massive change, confusion, pain and disappointment. And right now, they stare back so sharply, that you feel like crawling away and never looking up again.

Face-down, you’ve forgotten the joy and lightness of fulfilment and bliss. You hate those easy-going asses telling you to put a smile on your face and think happy thoughts. You can’t. Not while you’re wrestling the worst emotions you’ve had. Ever.

Dumped, betrayed, divorced - or forced to have that bitch called menopause stay over in your body. You sweat – without wanting to – and feel sad, mad, and bad. Every day. Glad left the building long ago.

In pain, you’re still reeling from losing someone you love.

Your partner is acting strange.

You hate your job, your body, your life.

You're stretched in all directions and cannot remember who YOU really are any more, other than a mother, a wife, a husband, an employee and a housekeeper.

You suffer alone. In silence. You are alone.

And you don’t know where to go for help.

Down, depressed and disoriented, booze and other emotional distractions entice and entertain you, promising escape from the pain. They promise, but they never deliver.

You tune out, stuff it down and try to push on another day, only to feel more drained and defeated.

You Know it Doesn’t Have to Be That Way

Somewhere inside you, hope is gasping for air. There must be some way out of this mess. That’s why you’re here – looking for answers or ways to help you just feel sane again.

I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Corné Mac Kenzie and I’ve been where you are. For quite a while.

I’m here to tell you that there is a way through. Not out. Through. Through is where the sweet spot of true transformation is for you. The world constantly offers us ways out, and we seldom learn how to reckon with all the visitors that arrive at our door. Welcome and unwelcome.

It was when I stopped looking for ways out of my misery, that I settled into working my way ‘through’. That was where I learned how to hold my own, no matter what life hands me. You can too. And you don’t have to go it alone.

I love that Rumi quote: “We’re all just walking each other home.”

I coach people like you through some of the toughest times of their lives. Change is hard.

I help them to walk the red-hot coals of through.

You are Restless and Aware

I created Restless and Aware. It describes what I believe helped me to get to peace in my life. To feel alive again. To love myself.

To be inspired. To laugh and open to love.

‘Restless’ is a word that can be good or bad. It can be the bleary-eyed, sleepless hag, the fidgety fool and yeah, exactly the messy thicket and sticky bog of your current life.

But it can also be the pose of the poised warrior, willing to dare take on the challenge, braving greatly. The type of energy needed to do something important, like going ‘through’. It’s the edgy, courageous animal inside that takes you to the threshold of a new possibility. A life that’s worth another wholehearted bash.

‘Aware’, for me, is the key. It’s where we wake up, pay attention, become curious. It’s what ups our consciousness and allows us to grow our grit. Our moxie. The mindfulness that makes us roll with life’s punches, wipe the mud from our faces and do it all again.

You are restless and aware. If you can see it, then I can walk you home.

What’s on the other side of through is really up to you. But I like what David Whyte says: “Everything is waiting for you.”

Your Invitation

Your restlessness brought you here. I know that it’s the spark needed to start the fire of awareness and action for you to dare go through. And choose to create a new possibility for your life. One that fills you with life, verve and energy.

Me? I’m a coach called to help fellow Midlifers thrive again. I’m an artist. A cook. A seamstress. A facilitator. A gardener. A crafter. An empath. A cat lover.

I’m a big-hearted woman who’s seen her own share of life challenges and change. You, too?

You can use your lost dreams, dead relationships, unwelcome changes and soul-smashing careers as intel to chart a new course. And create a clear and invigorating new reality for your life.

I coach Midlifers in person, on Skype and via online courses who are experiencing challenging life changes such as divorce or break-up, losing someone you love, job loss or career crossroads, a sudden empty nest, identity crisis, situational depression – and those just looking for renewed Midlife Mojo.

Working with me will get you clear on what you want. Spotlight the obstacles that slow you down or stop you, including limiting thoughts and beliefs. It will ignite strategic and transformative life actions for you to reclaim your soul, your identity. Psyched and inspired, you will lean into living the life that you desire and deserve.

I bring insightful perspective, presence and a wealth of life experience. They say my style is incisive, honest and gentle.

I’m informed by 25 years as an adult educator and workshop facilitator and 10 years of coaching and developing corporate leaders up to executive level. I’ve been trained as an Integral executive and life coach, an NLP practitioner, action learning facilitator, laughter yoga leader and brief solution focused therapy practitioner.

I know that you can recreate your life and feel like you’re on purpose and impassioned about the possibilities lying in wait. You are stronger and more powerful than you know.

Allow your inner guidance to help you know what to do with your restlessness from here.